fredag 31. juli 2009

New camera!

D90 & 18-70mm:
1/125 sec - f/5.6 - 44mm - ISO 320

D90 & 18-70mm:
1/1600 sec - f/5 - 40mm - ISO 400

D90 & 18-70mm:
f/14 & polariser

After 25.000+ shutter actuations on my D40, I got a D90! So far it seems like a huge leap forward for me. The image quality seems to be comparable, if you count out the increased resolution. But the major improvement lies in the controls and the handling, which is outstanding compared to D40:-)

tirsdag 21. juli 2009

Ammerud II

D40 & sigma 30mm:
1/100 sec - f/6.3 - ISO 200

Caught this the other day when I was riding my bicycle to work. These massive buildings just sort of hover in the middle of the forrest, love it!

mandag 20. juli 2009

Minolta rangefinder

1/80 sec - f/2.8 - 60mm - 400 ISO

Just love how those old rangefinders were built! The operation on this is just wonderful, the focusing wheel is super-smooth and nicely dampened. I wish today's camera manucaturers would make cameras like this. Only with digital sensors...

mandag 13. juli 2009

Ordem e progresso

D40 & sigma 30mm:
1/125 sec - f/8 - ISO 200

Started a week-long photo challenge at, were I am to upload a photo a day, only using a normal prime. This photo is taken at Hellerudsletta outside Oslo. There is some sort of construction going on there, leaving a massige open sore in the landscape...

fredag 10. juli 2009

My first flower picture!

Nikon D40 & Sigma 30mm:
1/200 sec - f/2 - ISO 200

After 25.000+ shutter actuations with my D40, this is probably my first flower picture:-)

onsdag 8. juli 2009

The city and the nature

1/6 sek - f/13 - 18mm

1/13 sec - f/10 - 27mm

I was out looking for cool buildings in the inner suburbs of Oslo today. Some of these massive complexes are really cool, some day I'm sure they will be apreciated for their architecture. Unforturately, we're having some heavy rain in Oslo these days, so walking around in tall grass made me completely soaked...

tirsdag 7. juli 2009

Marine Cemetary

Nikon D40 & 18-70mm:
1/400 sec - f/5 - 70mm - polarizer

The cemetary in Bonifacio was amazing. Every family had it's own small chapel, here illustrated with a myriad of small crosses. Even though the polarizer helped me darken the sky, I darkened it further in Lightroom 2 using the B&W conversion features. It brought along a little noise, but I kind of like it :-)

mandag 6. juli 2009

Eager photographer...

Panasonic LX3: 1/200 sec - f/2.8 - 5,9mm

My girlfriend brought her LX3 to Corsica, and documentet me photographing:-) Here I am taking a picture of a sea scape outside Calvi, Corsica. I tried making something of the light house and the pink sky, but it turned out bland... In case you are wondering: the little yellow thingy on top of my camera is a spirit level, invaluable when doing landscape photography...

søndag 5. juli 2009

Girolata, Corsica - June 2009

Nikon D40 & 18-70mm:
1/100 sec - f/5 - 40mm - polarizer

This is Girolata, the only village left on Corsica without a road connection. The only way to go there is by foot (1,5 hours) or by taking a boat. It's a really pretty place, with a sheltered bay with crisp blue water, a 1400th century castle and a small hamlet. We hiked in there and slept in a tent, great!

Lac de Nino, Corsica - June 2009

D40 & 55-200mm:
1/320 sec - f/10 - 55mm - ISO 200

This beautiful place is at about 1750 meters above sea level. Still, you have horses and cattle grazing there. With the snow-capped mountains in the background, the whole valley was breathtaking. It was kind of tough to get any memorable pictures out of it though, as the lighting was pretty harsh (at the middle of the day)...

Life is no picnic...

lørdag 4. juli 2009

Corsican beach

Just came back from a couple of weeks in Corsica. What a beautiful place! I brought my small tripod along, so I managed to sneak out on a couple of evenings to shoot... All of them are done with my trusty old D40. It looks like it soon will be replaced by a D90, can't wait....

25 sec - f/5.6 - 18mm

2 sec - f/4.5 - 18mm

20 sec - f/10 - 35mm