fredag 12. juni 2009

Bad ass in Paris

This guy was just so tough, I just had to take his picture...

Nikon D40 & sigma 30mm:
1/400 sec - f/11 - ISO 200

Iron Maidener in Paris

Saw this incredible character in Montmartre, Paris. Looking at him now just makes me smile, he looks so happy and content. And his outfit is just awesome!

Nikon D40 & sigma 30mm:
1/200 sec - f/7.1 - ISO 400

fredag 5. juni 2009

A meeting

Nikon D40 & 55-200mm VR:
1/500 sec - f/8 - 200mm - ISO 200

I kinda like this picture: it has bright and crisp primary colors, it has a nice reflection going, you can see some people in the reflection and the composition is nice and tight.

I really liked how the 55-200mm handled here: it's small and light, so I can carry it easily around. The zooming action is smooth and damped, so framing is easy. And it's pretty sharp once it's stopped down to f/8 (f/5.6 will also get rid of the vignetting, and will get you a decent sharp picture as well).

Nice light

Nikon D40 & 55-200mm VR:
1/200 sec - 160mm - f/5.3 - ISO 400

Came back from a weekend in the southern part of Norway. I brought my D40 and 55-200mm along everywhere. The 55-200mm is a great lens, but it needs a lot of light... Just set the camera to f/8, and it shines all the time. I love it when you get warm evening light, makes me want to take pictures of everything I see...