onsdag 22. april 2009

LX3 does Andøya

I spent last week in the northern parts of Norway. My favorite place was definitely Andøya - what an amazing place! Fantastic mountains meet dramatic sea, and in the middle of this there are some flat plains and some semi-deserted (but still o so idyllic) fishing villages.

It really is a great place, check it out here

Panasonic LX3:
1/500 sec - f/3,2 - 24mm - ISO 80

This is a great example of a picture that I wouldn't have gotten if it wasn't for the LX3. I would never have brought along my D40 for a trip like this (work related), because it would get in the way all the time. My LX3 just fits in my coat pocket and can be taken out anytime I need it:-)

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